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10 Best Online Marketing Tools for Leveraging Your Time

If you want to build more freedom in your day you need the systems and tools to help you automate and plan you work, so you can start taking yourself out of the daily equation, especially if you haven’t outsourced yet. There’s lots of advice out there but you don’t need to go too fancy to start. You will however, need to invest at some point. Here are some of the top tools I recommend to help you run your business. (Full disclosure, there are some affiliate links in here)


1.  A landing page platform for your sales funnel generate leads. I recommend Leadpages. They’re the best in the industry and there’s a reason why. They have hundreds of templates to use and it’s easy to drag and drop and create beautiful designs for your landing pages. Leadpages also has great integrations with your email responder, it can house your lead magnet if you choose to do it that way and even accept payment on Stripe.  Landing pages are a deal-breaker in converting your customer or not, so having professional landing pages is essential in making sure your sales funnel works to grow your list.


2. An email autoresponder to grow your list. An email autoresponder helps you manage your list and “the money is in your list”. Grow your list and grow your opportunity. Even if you don’t have a website, what you do need is an email opt-in form and a way to manage your email list. I’ve been using MailChimp but Convertkit is the next option I will be migrating to soon. Nothing wrong with Mailchimp, it’s great and is priced right so is a good place to start when you’re just getting going and don’t quite want to invest in a full-scale CRM (customer relationship management system) right away.



3.  A social media presence and scheduling tool. Everyone needs a scheduling tool for social media. You want to create a presence online and engage with your customers. But you don’t want to be a slave to posting so you need to schedule your content. Consistency, as difficult as that may be, is key to getting in front of your customers so scheduling ahead is the key to sanity.  I like using Hootsuite. It allows me to see all my social media streams in one screen and schedule across all of them or some of them at any time.

4.  A scheduling tool for Pinterest – Tailwind. Tailwind is a fantastic little tool that allows you to keep a queue of pins full for weeks, repin yours and others content and even put your best engaged pins on a loop. This is a new feature that they have recently added and it’s fantastic. Pinterest is a great way to drive some free traffic. 


5. A source of great images. I love Pixabay, it’s free and it’s a great source for images. I also really like Unsplash or Pexel. I also like Stock Snap though I prefer the others first.



6. A way to design beautiful graphics. I personally love Canva, it’s easy to use and you can create any number of graphics from blog banners, posters, Instagram posts and more. Upload your own images or use their stock images to customize your marketing.


7.  A photo editor. I like Lunapics Its a free online editor and pssst, the best part is it can make free transparent background images, think logo. Once you’ve edited it in Canva, download it as a png, then upload it to Lunapics and edit it to create a logo with a transparent background you can now use on your site!

8. Another AWESOME photo tool is this resizer for social media, Landscape from Sprout Social. Instead of going to canva and creating your graphic for each social media platform, this tool will resize your image for each social media platform in just one click. It makes it so much faster to create a new graphic! 


9. An online scheduling tool. Your time is precious, you don’t want to waste it. Use an online schedulingtool to schedule meetings with potential customers or clients. Acuity Scheduling allows you to send reminders, and even send a questionnaire to further qualify potential clients. You can even let new clients see your calendar so they can book themselves in.

10. A remote way for webinars and videoconferencing. Zoom is a fantastic tool for group video calls or individual calls. It’s easy to use and can record calls as well as share a screen for presentation. You can record your masterclass or webinar and easily save it and edit it for your audience. Many people use this tool for recording their podcasts as well. 



These are some great tools for managing your business and doing that online marketing thang because you can’t be spending all day online, you’ve got lives to change, an impact to make. It will save you some sanity to use these tools to create beautiful, professional content and schedule ahead. If you have any other tools you love, let me know.  


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