5 Changes You Need to Make Right Now to Quickly Grow Your Transformational Business

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5 Changes You Need to Make Now to Quickly Grow Your Transformational Business

(Even If You're Just Starting Out)


Here's What You'll Learn:

You’re going to learn the 5 key mistakes you might be making in your business right now and how to turn them around today! 

Learn powerful strategies to grow your audience quickly (not what you think)!  

Why 'dancing like everyone's watching' and fear of failure is holding you back in business and one of the biggest shifts you need to make right now to move past it.

Insider secrets: What successful impact-makers know that you don't. How to start applying these strategies to your business today!  

What gets most people stuck with their marketing and what to do instead to craft a powerful marketing message and start attracting new customers 

Presented by

Leslie Ng 

Leslie is a mindset and business coach for ecopreneurs and conscious entrepreneurs. She has helped service-based and product-based entrepreneurs create the clarity and business and marketing strategy they need to launch their purpose-driven, heart-aligned business that allows them to make a meaningful income and support the causes they care about.