5 Things You Need to Create a Resilient Money Mindset

These days, if you have been paying attention to the economy, you know there are some disruptive forces at play. The economy has shifted and cascading affects may be challenging your money mindset. And even though we know it's not really about the money, sometimes that creeps in anyway.

Because you know that money is not really the end game, it is impact, it is about creating that energy that comes from the next level youand for you to be living in your highest potential - that is where the impact (and income) is. But in uncertain times, you may need a reminder so here's how you can upgrade your money mindset in the face of economic challenges.


1. Practice intentional gratitude

Gratitude is what allows you to get into that abundance frame of mind, and it's the abundant mindset that you need to be in to start taking productive action. It's easy to slip into that scarcity mindset when you see the economy shifting so dramatically around you. If you have thoughts of not having enough, people aren't buying, you are likely not to take the action you need to call in abundance. That's why it's necessary to start to get into that abundant mindset again through the practice of gratitude.

What can you appreciate about what you have right now? What you have accomplished? Practice gratitude for what you have, and all the little things that you can still enjoy. When you act from a place of gratitude, you teach your mind to appreciate what you have and you it puts you into a more positive frame of mind in order to take action towards your priorities.


2. Separate the facts from the stories

Facts are the things that are true of the situation, regardless of who is looking at it. For example, the sky is blue, you have a business. The stories may be what you are telling yourself of those facts, for example, my customers are no longer buying from me, this isn't the right time to sell. The stories are what you are making the facts mean and they are only stories. Once you separate the facts from the stories you are telling yourself, you can work to tell yourself a different story. What do you want the facts to mean instead?


3. Identify your goals and priorities

Set your intentions for the money you want to make, the impact you want to have. Get clear on what tasks you really need to achieve that. If you chase after everything at the same time, you will burn out. So simplify the tasks you really need to do, what is actually urgent and important?

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4. Establish your systems

Reaching your goals depend on establishing systems that nourish, keep you accountable and create ease and flow. So set up your self-care routine, create a schedule for your important tasks and reach out for some personal support. Having someone hold you accountable can help you stay on track and remind you of your goals and priorities and the stories you tell that may lead you astray.


5. Be mindful of the person you want to be

Remind yourself of who you want to become. When you act as if you are already the person you want to be, you create alignment for manifesting what you want. And when your actions reflect what you set out to do, your confidence grows.


Upgrading your money mindset isn't about money, it is about creating the energetic conditions for you to become the next level you, for more impact and income. Remember, you are a powerful source with the potential to control your money – and it all starts with having a strong mindset.

If you need a little help identifying your goals and priorities and untangling some of those stories you are telling yourself, download my Journaling Prompts for Changemakers.