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5 Tips to Create that Success Mindset

Have you been stuck in analysis paralysis? Are you afraid of putting yourself out there?

I was almost going to create a whole course on this, I still might, but I think this is one of the most important things you could do if you want to create that success mindset.

Here are 5 tips to help you create a success mindset

1.   Celebrate You

Celebrate yourself! Seriously, this is my best advice and one that I go to often.

You need to get quiet, find a relaxing corner or quiet activity like walking and just start to reflect on what you have accomplished, what you are capable of, what you are good at and remember to celebrate yourself. Tap into your intuition because that is what will tell you that you really are capable and DESERVING.

Too often when self-doubt creeps in, it’s because we’ve lost touch with our intuition, the part of us that knows who we really are and that we have accomplished things. I want you to get back to celebrating all the things that you have done and are capable of. Remind yourself that you do have talents you can share.

2.   Commit to Greatness

You know you are capable, now commit to building that awesome business that will get you freedom. Commit to doing what it takes to learn what you need to learn and to implement what you learn to build your business.

I can give you all the tips and tricks I can to help you figure out and build your freedom lifestyle but I can’t bridge this gap for you. If you truly want to create that freedom lifestyle I need you to commit to being that entrepreneur who will do it. Commit to showing up and commit to your business.

This is one of my favorite quotes because it truly speaks to the need to do what it takes now.

If you are craving that freedom you need to commit to building a great business and you need to commit NOW.

3.   Get Used to Being Uncomfortable

I know it’s a stretch for some to put yourself out there. I’m a very private and shy person myself so I know it can take a lot to start but as an entrepreneur and someone who genuinely believes I have some thing I can help people with, I needed to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I had to put myself out there.

As entrepreneurs you know business is an emotional roller coaster.

Things go wrong all the time.

You run an ad and it doesn’t generate sales.

Some people are going to say “no” and not all your ads are going to kick butt.

You do a Facebook live and no one is on there.

Or, you make a sale, and everything is wonderful, and a couple days later, they cancel, and there’s a refund.

Then there’s the rejection or feeling like you’re a fraud. (For more tips on overcoming imposter syndrome check out my other post).

These kinds of things will happen, and…

You must get comfortable with the fact that it’s going to be uncomfortable

Putting yourself out there, whether it on a blog, in video (yikes!) or elsewhere on social media can seem daunting and leave you feeling really exposed. But you are just going to have to get comfortable with it.

One way to do this is just to detach from the outcome. Whether you make a sale or not, detach from the outcome. Focus on providing VALUE. Come from a place of providing value and serving others. If they don’t want to hear your message or you don’t resonate with them, that’s ok, someone else will.

If you’re okay with being uncomfortable for a period of time, I promise you that this emotional roller coaster will get a lot smoother.

Stay resilient and focused and you’re going to have a much easier time becoming an extraordinary entrepreneur.

4. Believe in What You Have to Offer

This may seem a lot like point one but it’s actually about the selling part of your business.

A lot of people are very uncomfortable about selling. They don’t want to seem pushy or aggressive.

You are told that it is not selling, you are just giving people the opportunity, it’s a disservice if you have a great product but don’t let people know about it.

I want to take it a step further and just say, focus on providing great value. Then the selling part is easy because you’re not focused on the outcome, rather you’re focused on creating value.

And of course, you have to believe in what you have to offer. You have to have passion and show that you believe in what you are selling. People will catch on if you waver and aren’t sure about what you have to offer so learn all you can about your product, understand how it can help others.

5.  Commit to Taking Action

I’ve been guilty of this before but you are not going anywhere unless you commit to taking action every day. Don’t let little distractions, family diversions or other things to take you away from what you need to be focusing on to grow your business.

You will never build your freedom business if you do not commit to taking action towards it every day. Are you having trouble focusing? Choose 3 drop dead things you must complete this week come hell or high-water and focus on that.

Don’t have a lot of time? Here’s my tips for building your business in 15 minutes a day.

You need to make taking action a habit.

Anybody can watch a video, or Facebook Live, or attend a seminar, or read a book.

But, most people don’t take action on the stuff they learn.

Most people sit back, and think about how great it’s going to be when they implement—but they never do it.

One thing that I’ve noticed is this…

All extraordinary entrepreneurs make taking action a daily habit

So commit to taking serious action this week; go out there and kick some butt!






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