How to Build Your Business with 15 Minutes A Day

Did you guys just have a day like I did? Baby and household needs kept interrupting; there was laundry, vacuuming, pumping then holding a bottle for baby (because she has stubbornly refused to nurse, preferring, instead the more enjoyable aspect of being able to turn her head to every distraction while I hold a bottle […]

How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome

If you are feeling a little down on yourself, you need to hear this. You may be feeling like there are million people out there that have the same message or business idea. Or that you don’t really know how you can be an authority when you don’t have that much experience. It’s all in […]

What is That Freedom Mindset and How Can I Take Action

I’ve been pondering this question lately. What is the difference between those who are doing it and those who are still thinking about it? It seems that most people want similar things, they want love, they want financial stability, they want some freedom to do as they want and they want to feel like they […]

Let Your Feelings Guide You In 2018

I’ve recently come across Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Mapping exercise and I love it. It’s a perfect reflection to start my new year. The concept is to identify your deepest core desires, the feelings you want to have and experience, and let those guide you through your life, instead of focusing on to-dos or actions in […]