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How to Create a Year’s Worth of Content in an Hour

How to Create a Year’s Worth of Content in an Hour
I like to keep things simple, there are so many lists of to dos and multiple demands on your time, it’s important to keep the content planning process streamlined so it makes it much easier for you. 
Here’s how I like to go about it. I was able to plan out the topic areas for a year’s worth of content in just an hr by answering these questions. 

First what do you want to be known for? 

These can be the 5-7 core key messages for your audience. Group these into several main buckets of content that you can then expand on.

What do your dream clients/customers want and need to hear in 2020?

Are there any new trends they should know about, myths that you can dispel for them? What are the key messages they need to be hearing if you were the only who could deliver this message?

What are they really struggling with? What do they want the answer to?

Think about what problems that your dream clients are having, what are they feeling and how are they suffering as a result? What are the answers that you can give them to help them with their problems?

What is your social mission?

What are you hoping to change and make an impact doing? What do you want your audience to know about the impact you are here to make and how you are affecting change? What is your theory of change?

What do you stand for/against?

This is about sharing what you believe in, what you believe to be true. What will you not tolerate and what are you standing for.

Reasons they Should work with you

What are the results that you can help them achieve? What makes you unique? Share what you can help your clients achieve and why you are the only one they should trust to help them with their problem. This is also about being vulnerable, authentic, and relatable. What content can you be sharing that helps build that relationship with your audience and let’s them know that you are someone who has walked in their shoes and therefore understands some of the same problems and to overcome them.

Brainstorm then Organize

I found myself jotting down some of the key points in answer to these questions. Then going back through to flesh some out just a bit more (beyond a word or two if that’s all I jotted down). I will go back and outline the content for each topic later on, this is just an initial brainstorm to map out my messaging for 2020. After brainstorming, I grouped the content into a few key themes or buckets that I would be known for. Once I have my themes and my topics in each theme, I can then choose 12-16 topics to focus on for each quarter, or I can choose to rotate through each of my themes each month so that I have a theme per week and topics for each day of the week.
How you choose to organize your content is up to you and may depend on whether you’re launching certain programs or products at certain times during the year, or whether you just want to focus on certain topics in each quarter. I definitely recommend having content from all of your 4-5 themes throughout each quarter, but your messaging or topics can be targeted depending on your objectives. Using this process you can plan out your social media in advance and work with a VA to schedule it all in.
I hope that has helped you to come up with your content planning for the year. It is always easier to have a plan and some question prompts to help you develop your messaging and content, instead of trying to stare at a blank screen and hope that something comes to you to talk about. Let me know if this process has helped you.