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How to Easily and Quickly Grow Your Online Business

As a business coach, one of the things I hear new entrepreneurs struggle with the most is marketing. There is so much to learn if you’re new to social media marketing and learning all the tips and tricks around all the platforms. It can be overwhelming. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all. Seriously, just focus on a couple to master and outsource other things you want done. Stay in your zone of genius.

I want to make it simple. Here some of my favourite easy ways to grow your online business.

Here are my top 20 ways to easily and affordably grow your online business!

1. Find and target only your biggest fans

This is probably the best tip ever, you don’t need to do it all or build a giant list, you just need to foster the right relationships with the right people. So be very clear who your target audience is and where they hang out and what they need. Then you don’t need to try to be everywhere or have a million fans you just need the right list of people. There’s nothing worse than having a huge list but very low quality and who don’t engage with you. So just focus on the right audience.

2. Create A Beautiful Website

Your website is yours. If Facebook changes their algorithm and takes your list of followers with it then you have no recourse (which is reminder to back up your list). But if you get your followers onto your email list and attract them with a website that is professional and beautiful, it makes you look like a pro. From your website you can create your landing pages, your opt-ins and start building your email list.

Which brings me to the second strategy…

3. Create A Lead Magnet

Create a lead magnet to entice your audience to give you their email address in exchange for some valuable content. The key to this strategy is to create a lead magnet that your audience cannot live without. This will get your audience to start signing up and help you grow your email list. You lead magnet can be  a pdf workbook or template or checklist filled with valuable content that your ideal clients will love. You need to provide your client with a little aha moment with some value to show how you can help them and establish you as an expert. Create a landing page for your lead magnet and start promoting it. Make sure the link to your lead magnet is everyone in your social media profiles/pages and website. Make it really easy for people to subscribe.

4. Start An Email List

Obviously if you don’t start collecting the email addresses of your audience you have no way to re-target them in your communications so start building an email list. You can use your lead magnet as a way to entice people to get on your email list. Then use your email list to nurture your audience. People buy from people they know, like and trust and initially they likely won’t be buying from you until you can demonstrate to them the value you have to offer. That’s why having an email list you can regularly contact (but not spam) is crucial for your business.

5. Share Your Services With Your Network

Start telling people what you do, make sure it is in your social media profiles. Start reaching out their your network to find your ideal clients. Ask those you already know for an introduction. Ask  your colleagues, family, and friends. When I first started out I reached out to people I knew who were my ideal client and asked them if what they were looking for was something I thought I could help them with. I found my first couple coaching clients this way.  You never know who might be in need of your service or be able to refer you to someone who does.

6. Start Your Own Facebook Group

I know it seems like everyone has their own Facebook group nowadays but it really is a great way to grow and nurture your community further. Your Facebook business page is your storefront and you’ll show people what it is you can do for them but your Facebook group is your community where you can nurture your relationship, share exclusive content with your members, answer questions, and get the community to help each other out. The content in your Facebook group can be more intimate/personal than perhaps what you might want to share on your Facebook page. For example, maybe you give those members an exclusive first-chance to your pre-sale program launch or you share more of the behind-the-scenes of your work than you want to present on your business page. If you want to join my group of Authentic, Abundant Entrepreneurs please do!

7.  Show up in Other Facebook Groups

A great way to establish your authority is to show up in other Facebook groups and offer your expertise by answering questions. Find Facebook groups where your ideal client is hanging out and look for ways to provide value, answer questions, encourage others. Check the rules before you self-promote but if you’re always adding value you should be fine. You get what you give so becoming an authority is all about showing-up and giving, giving, giving.

8. Implement SEO Strategies

This one’s a bit more techy and it’s for you if you have your own website/blog. Make it easy for clients to find you by making sure you are using the right keywords that people would be searching for. That way Google can rank your site higher than others. For example if you’re a relationship coach, make sure the words relationship coach are all over your site.

9. Go Live and Create Videos

There I said it! The dreaded live video. Nobody like it, until you start doing more and more of them and then it’s kinda fun. Videos are so valuable in providing a real-life instant connection (or not) to your audience. I know the first thing I seek out these days are a video of someone so that I know whether I resonate with them or not, if I like their language, body language, message etc. Videos are absolutely the top way to grow your business quickly. Similarly using stories on Instagram and Facebook are a great way to grow your audience.

10. Host a Free Webinar or Masterclass

This is essentially another type of lead-magnet but it is oh so powerful! These days it’s about going beyond the ebook or pdf and providing people value in the form of a free webinars or masterclasses does two things, they can immediately get a sense of who you are and if they would want to work with you AND you establish yourself as an expert in your area. It’s such a powerful way to grow your email list and deliver value in a way that creates super-fans because people generally expect to learn a lot in these classes. Check out my FREE MASTERCLASS: 5 Shifts You Need to Make to Quickly Grow Your Biz!

11. Offer Free Consultations

I typically don’t like to offer free consultations as most people who sign-up for one don’t expect a sales pitch at the end and it can be off-putting if they get a sales pitch. Also those who want a free consultation may not be as committed to the work they need to do and you want committed people. That’s why I will use mini-consultations at the end of a bigger opt-in such as my masterclass and charge a small fee, this ensures people are committed and see value in what you have to offer and are not just jumping from free coaching call to free coaching call.

HOWEVER, I absolutely think free mini-consultations/sales calls are key to making sure you sign on the right client. This is all about uncovering their pain points, expectations and making sure that the solution you have to offer is the right one. It’s about setting you both up for success. Nailing the sales call is an important piece of the sales process if you are offering a high-end package that you want to ensure is a good fit. Sales is all about trust and that 1:1 time helps build that trust very quickly. That said, I am currently offering free-consultations for those interested in my upcoming Unshakeable, Irresistible Business course launch to help you get clear and launch your dream online business. If you are interested in that course apply for a free consultation with me right here.

12. Post On Instagram

I generally don’t like to suggest people try to use too many social media platforms because it’s a lot to learn and master. However, Instagram is another great tool for marketing your business and if that’s where your clients are hanging out then yes you should too! I like to suggest you show people a different side of you and your business on Instagram than you would on Facebook or any other platform. Use stories and hashtags to accelerate your reach. By the way, I’m on Instagram and you’ll find some behind-the-scenes, family and inspiration over there!

13. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is unlike Instagram in that it is really a search engine. Pinterest is a a great way to market and grow your online business and it’s all about targeting the right keywords and creating beautiful pins that don’t even have to be used in your blog posts.  You’ll need to optimize your Pinterest profile for business and make sure to include easy Pinit button in your blog posts. I’ll talk about a few more strategies specifically to Pinterest in another blog post but for now, start with beautiful pins with the right keywords.

14. Write Blog Posts

Writing blog posts is a strategy that kinda goes long with having great, attractive pins to use on Pinterest. I mean, the pin has to link somewhere right? Blogging doesn’t have to be part of your strategy but it is hand-in-hand with Pinterest. Blogging is a great way to share content on your own platform rather than having everything hosted on Facebook and being at their mercy. I’ve had people who have had their Live videos removed because of violating some unknown Facebook rule (maybe there was music playing in the background or something). That was super devastating for them, but having your own content, videos, blog hosted on your website enables you to continue to share that valuable content and grow your audience.

15. Start With Pro Bono Clients

Build up your testimonials by offering your services for free. Get your social proof as well as your experience and your processes hammered out with a few free clients to start. Social proof is a powerful marketing tool so help your clients get the transformation they are seeking and use your experience to polish up your offering as well as get some good testimonials.

16. Leverage Testimonials and Ask For Referrals

Leverage your testimonials and ask for referrals. When I first got started I worked for free, then I leveraged those testimonials into paying clients. I used referrals to help grow my network because people often buy a product or service that someone else has recommended to them rather than trying to research and find the right person themselves.

17. Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts on a blog is a great way to leverage someone else’s audience to attract more of your own. It’s similar to using other Facebook groups to provide value and attracting people to your own content. Partner with other bloggers or websites that you know your ideal client is already reading. Then reach out to the editors and pitch them ideas that are aligned with the type of content they already write.

18. Run A Facebook Ad

This is not for the newbie but running a Facebook ad can be an effective way to get more page likes as well as posts engagement or people signing up for your opt-in. There is definitely some techy knowledge required so make sure you take a course. I will talk about some basics of creating a Facebook ad in a later post. Or hire a Facebook Ads manager, this is all about staying in your zone of genius again and outsourcing what you don’t want to do or are not good ad.

19. Nurture Your Email List with Automated Emails

Once you have people signed up for your email list you need to continue to build that relationship, offer value that addresses their pain points. An automated email sequence can help you do that. An automated email sequence can be used to tell people a bit more about yourself, remember your story is what sells, and offer a bit of value so people start seeing you as an expert and trusting you. Then you can go in for the sales pitch but don’t just write spam, you’ve got to build that relationship. There a number of tools you can use to help you do this, I personally use Mailchimp but I know a lot of people know and love ConvertKit.

20. Consistently Deliver Value

At the end of the day people buy from people they know, like and trust. And one of the best ways to create that trust factor is to offer value. Loads of it, there’s really not too much you can share. People will still pay you for your services because there’s a difference in reading and learning about what to do and having someone help you personally, customize their solution to you and hold you accountable along the way. It’s all about giving in business.