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How to Overcome the Content Creation Block

How to Overcome the Content Creation Block

Do you avoid creating content because the task seems so daunting and the thought of staring in frustration at your blank computer screen makes you want to hide from it? 

Creating your content shouldn’t be hard, or overwhelming. But a lot of times a mental block exists before you even start. Here’s how you can overcome that content creation block.

Prep Your Mind

Before you even sit down to create content you first need to address the thoughts you have around creating the content itself. Do you think it is daunting? hard? that maybe you have nothing to say or you’re not very articulate? Do you think it will take you a long time? 

All of these types of thoughts create an immediate barrier to creating your content. If you think it is going to be hard, your body will feel it and react by resisting it. So the best way to get into flow in creating your content is change the story you have given yourself around what it means to create that content or how hard or time consuming it might be. 

Take Baby Steps

Creating content should NEVER be a task on your todo list. It is too nebulous and huge that it can be too hard to figure out what that means, where you should focus, what the output should even look like. Are you creating content for a blog, a video, social media posts, a newsletter and what is your actual objective for any of that content? Are you trying to educate, entertain, inform, make a sales pitch – how does all of your content fit into your marketing objectives? 

The key is to break it down into baby steps, understand your objective, then break the tasks out over several days. For example, task one could be to develop 5 topics for your audience. Step 2 could be research SEO keywords for your niche, step 3 could be to draft up the outline for the content and step 4 would be to finally create the content, before it moves into your publishing system. Breaking down the content creation bucket into more specific, discrete tasks will help you wrap your mind around it and keep you from looking at that big block in your calendar for ‘content creation’. 

Use Prompts

Once you understand the objective for your content creation and break it down into tasks, it can still be overwhelming unless you have some prompts to help you develop those topics. These can include answers to the most common questions, or dispelling myths regarding your niche, or talking about what might be controversial that you can help your clients with. Want to know how I planned a year’s worth of content in under an hr? Head over to my other blog post here.