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What You Need to Know To Stop Selling and Start Branding

Do you have a product you want to get to market fast? You probably think you need to sell it hard, market it hard but what you should probably do is work on your branding. Your branding is what will help you stand out and differentiate yourself from others. It’s likely there are other companies or marketers out there with similar products so how are you going to stand out?

You need to stop selling and start branding.

Don’t be Generic!

If you do not create brand identity for your product or service, you are selling something generic. Positioning your product or service to be “brand identifiable” is measurable in the eyes of the customer. For this to happen, your customers must:

  • Understand what makes you different
  • Articulate it to others
  • Value your brand and be willing to pay for it (this is especially true if you are developing your personal brand).
  • Embrace it and defend it when it comes under attack

If the customer cannot differentiate your product or service on these criteria, then you will fall into a large gray, amorphous category – generic.

Be of Service

This is my favorite part of attraction marketing. It is really the special sauce of what makes attraction marketing work and how you can get away from selling. If you are of service to others, you are offering value. If people see value in what you have to offer, then you begin to draw people to you because they want to learn from you and because you give so much and so freely.  So be of service if you want to define your brand in a way that attracts people to you.

Tell Your Story

There is no better way to create your brand than to tell your story. Your story is what makes you human, it’s what makes you relatable and what might resonate with someone. Show people that you are a person, you don’t have to be an expert. When you tell people your story you invite others in that are on a similar journey or relate to a different aspect of who you are. My biggest tip for telling your story is to really get raw and deep and real. Peel back those layers because I’m going to bet that it’s not that surface story you are telling yourself or others, there’s more to it and once you unveil that, you get really close to what will draw people in.

Stop Selling, Start Branding

Branding is all about developing unique products and services for a specific market in the minds of the consumer. Personal branding is your path to creating that value and uniqueness for your customers. By offering something that is perceived as having distinct value you attract people to you.


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