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How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome

If you are feeling a little down on yourself, you need to hear this. You may be feeling like there are million people out there that have the same message or business idea. Or that you don’t really know how you can be an authority when you don’t have that much experience. It’s all in your head!

You Have the Same Message as Someone Else

One wise mentor once said that just because you have the same message as someone else, doesn’t mean it can’t be said again. The reason is everyone will hear it differently and your tribe probably doesn’t overlap with my tribe. Our tribes don’t overlap because maybe I don’t resonate with those people and vice versa. I can usually tell by just watching a video of a person speak, whether I’d really want to hear that message from that person or if they don’t actually resonate with me. You might feel differently. So there is room in this world for more people to share the same message. Because different people will resonate with different people. Your tribe will be drawn to you because of your message but also your why, your personal perspective so I can’t stress enough how important it is to be YOU, unabashedly you.

It doesn’t matter that someone else out there has the same message as you. The thing that does matter is that you have an opinion, what makes your perspective different? I am deeply passionate about digging deep to the core of who you are and letting that shine. My lessons come back to tapping into the core of that and building from there.

You Feel Like an Imposter

Are you faking it till you make it? Are you paralyzed by a sense of self-doubt? You are not alone, heck even the most experienced people feel this so what does that mean? It’s in your head. If you ever feel like you’re a fraud or you don’t know if you have anything to offer stop. Take a step back and try one of these techniques.

Practice Meditation

This is all part of what I teach to help you tap into your intuition. Your intuition is a clever little subtle voice that we often talk-over and forget about. But it is a wise genius and it knows what you are capable of.  So if you are ever feeling a little self-doubt then quiet down, slow your breathing, practice meditation so you can start to listen again to that little voice. It’ll tell you that you are capable, that you do have gifts to offer and that do know what you are talking about. Go back to your why, create space around how you want to react, how you want to feel (instead of self-loathing), and start to set some intentions.

Count the Positives

This is about taking stock of what you have done, what you have accomplished, reminding yourself of what you can do. Focus on what is positive and not what is negative. It’s about celebrating the genius that is within you.

Do it Anyway

This isn’t about faking it till you make it, this is about just taking action. By starting to do what it is you want to do, you start to realize the spark that it gives you and why you’re doing this in the first place. It’ll leave little room for self-doubt if you enjoy what you’re doing.

Help Someone Else

Are you really in a slump? By focusing on how you can help someone else you may forget why you were so down on yourself. Helping others can make you feel useful, more positive about yourself. Maybe it’ll remind you of what you’re capable of and what gift you have that the world is waiting to see you share.

Finally Stop the Comparison

This is another key that a mentor told me – everyone else is at a different part of their journey, there’s no telling where they’re at. If you’re comparing yourself to someone who’s been in the business for 6 or 10 years and you’re just beginning, then there’s no real apples to apples comparison. You’re comparing different circumstances, different personalities (remember your personality will resonate with your tribe), different messages, different tools. If they built their business before you, circumstances were different, how they built their following was probably in different circumstances using different tools. So just stop, stop the comparison. You are you, your tribe will resonate with you, you just need to share the real you and that’s enough.





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