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Fire up your purpose-driven life!

The world is burning and you dream of creating a business that will give you the freedom you desire yet be profitable in a way that will allow you to make the impact you want, for people, for the planet.

Imagine having a business that will let you give back, save the environment, hire the people you want, create the change you want to see while having the freedom you desire and a life you adore. 

Now imagine building this business in 90 days alongside a few others in an intimate group setting where you will also get loads of valuable 1:1 time with moi. 

This is Purposeful, Impactful and Profitable

It's a high-touch group program where you will build your heart-aligned, purpose-driven business in 90 days. It's all the mindset, stratetgy and action you need to go from just an idea to implementing and launching.

And it's only available to 5 people

I don't believe in programs that don't have that personalized support to get your questions answered and ensure you're implementing the right things so I've designed this program with maxium personal coaching time - its essentially private coaching with a community. 


Have you been spending all your time online trying to learn all the marketing strategies and wondering how they apply to your niche, your cause, for your mission?

They make it sound so easy, like it's just a few simple steps to make the sale happen and you wish it could be that easy, because you have a good mission, you're not just trying to create a business for the sake of it, you want to also contribute to making a better world.  

But you're so busy hustling, trying to absorb and learn all the free resources you can find about building a business and marketing online, it's stressing you out and overwhelming.

You still don't really have a business to show for it but you're busy! You're not really sure what you're doing, jumping from editing your website, to working on your product to coming up with a social media post, it feels like you're doing all the right things but how come the results aren't there?

Meanwhile the mission that you have burns bright, you know it's good, if only you could make that sale so you could finally hire the people you want to hire, support the social change you feel is so important and contribute to a sustainable environment and future for your children or grandchildren.

So what's the answer? Download more free resources, slash your prices, offer another giveway, work even harder? 

Is that the way you want to build your business? 

What about the impact you want to make, the social change you want to see? How can you serve them if you aren't profitable yourself? 

How can you carry on if you don't make an income soon? 

You know if nothing changes you will have to go back to that 9-5 or be sent into more debt and continue to sacrifice your sanity, your relationships, your health. How much longer can you do that?

You need a way to make this business work, for yourself, for the cause you so care about. But how?

You need a clear strategy for your business, clarity of your offer, how to create a strong marketing message leveraging your cause and implement a strategy to grow and market your business with ease and simplicity. 

You need a way to balance your life and have a profitable business you adore.

When you allow yourself to think about your thriving purpose-driven business do you imagine:

  • A business that affords you the freedom and flexibility you desire, allows you to spend time with your family and live a life you adore?
  • Being totally aligned with what you are meant to do​ and making the impact you want to make, helping others, saving the planet, and feeling energized by how much purpose there is in your life and biz.
  • Leaving your day job and earning a meaningful income​ that supports your vision for your life and allows you to direct your resources in the way you want. Every day you wake up fulfilled, empowered and full of purpose and joy! 
Say no more, this is for me. Lock in my early-bird spot now!



Module 1 - Your Vision and Big Picture Purpose

Purpose is a choice. This is about discovering the choice that is most appropriate for you right now. Get clear on what you want and what you do, so you can create a heart-aligned business that lights you up.  

Develop your why and craft a story that authentically conveys your message and positions you uniquely in the market.  

Begin to cultivate that Unshakeable Mindset to be able to step into your full power as a purpose-driven entrepreneur  

Design a business model that meets your desires for freedom while maximizing your impact

Module 2 - Claiming Your Niche and Understanding Your Target Market

Clarify your niche, what problem you solve and who exactly it is for and understand how to differentiate yourself from others in the market.  

Identify who your ideal client is, so you know exactly who you’re serving and where they hang out

Figure out what your ideal client needs to hear from you and how to share that message in a way that draws them in time and time again  

Module 3 - Designing Your Flagship Product and Services

Design your product suite from low, mid and high tiered offerings.  

Do market research to figure out what your ideal client needs and what they're ready to buy (too many people miss this step when they think that your cause is enough)

Actually create your high-ticket offer or your flagship product so you can launch in a big way  


Module 4 - Cultivating an Unshakeable Mindset 

Mindset is important and we work on it throughout the program  

This module however is dedicated to fortifying your mindset before you launch, before you get really visible so you can feel confident in sales, get in energetic alignment with your goals and breakthrough any limiting beliefs  

Build a personal mindset routine so you can become more resilient, Unshakeable  


Module 5 - Creating a Unique Brand and Defining Your Value

Develop your unique voice, brand language and core message and build confidence in the message you have to share  

Create a unique visual brand, brand identity and brand experience for your customer, so you can create an emotional connection and attract your customer  

Learn how to communicate your value in an authentic way so you can position yourself and your brand as a leader in your industry

Module 6 - Mastering Social Media and PR

Understand the principles of social media and leveraging relationships  

How to know where to show up to get the highest amount of engagement, likes, shares, and sales  

Build your digital presence with a website and social media profiles that establish credibility and drive major sales  

Create a social media plan that converts and establishes you as an expert and purpose-driven, values based business  

Leverage relationships, build PR and create a network of media opportunities  


Module 7 - Lead Generation for Purpose-Driven Businesses

Create a lead magnet that will attract your customer and get you building an email list on auto  

Set up your marketing sales funnel including technical training and sales page review  

Module 8 - Sales with Authenticity

Set your income goals and map out your sales plans so you can budget you marketing investment and know how much you can expect to earn  

Overcome sales objections confidently and authentically  

Recognize the difference between someone who’ll never buy from you and someone who needs a little assurance  

Understand the formula for a sales pitch  

Craft your highly converting sales script and follow-up sequence  

Module 9 - Facebook Advertising

Generate new leads and compliment your warm market marketing strategies with cold market strategies  

Set up your Facebook Ads campaign including technical training  

Track and understand basic analytics so you can tweak your ads and maximize effectiveness to target your ideal audience  

Loads of Value, Lots of Action

10 Modules

10 video modules and workbooks included to guide you through the details of building your business

Weekly Group Coaching Calls 

12 group coaching calls where we answer each person's questions but in a group setting. 

Unlike other group coaching sessions where you get to ask one question, this is a small intimate group of friends (up to 5 people) and you can ask all your questions before we move onto the next person.

Private Coaching

3 x 45 min private coaching calls where we can dive in specifically and answer your questions

Private Community

Access to an exclusive private community just for program participants. Get the support you need from peers and from me throughout the program.

Continued Support in an Alumni Community

This is not the end of your journey, you'll continue to receive support from your peers and occassionally me. This is so invaluable! I really want you to succeed! 

There is a lot of psychology that comes to play when you start a business, and I can not say enough how important it is to seek out the right support systems and put your money in the right places to build a foundation that everything you add in the future can rely on. Thanks, Leslie!

If you are working on growth for your ethical business and you feel you could benefit from the help of someone with valuable experience in the field, consider this amazing woman. She has been coaching me to move the ball forward in ways that I could never do on my own, with patience and understanding! 

I appreciate all the help! It has been a wonderful experience working with you personally and for my business. Can’t wait to accomplish all my goals. It seems possible finally. Thank you!

- Alix Davidson, founder/owner of Rat Des Champs atelier

I've worked with Leslie over the past 6 months and would highly recommend her services. She was very helpful in keeping me motivated and focused while launching my business. I know that because of her support and direction I was able to start my business in a more productive and efficient way. Leslie is kind, encouraging and knowledgeable. Her unique approach to conscious entrepreneurship is refreshing and effective. I am so glad that I had to opportunity to have her as a coach.

- Penelope Terry, Lifestyle Curator

Sounds great! I'm ready to build a Purposeful, Impactful, and Profitable Business of my own!

Pay in Full 

One time payment of $3699

$3699 | APPLY NOW

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Pay in full in by Mar 25th and save 40% 

Fast Action Flexible Payment Plan

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3 monthly payments of $845

I've got a few more questions. I want to book a discovery call to see if it's a fit.


How do I know if this is for me?

If you are a new or aspiring entrepreneur, if you are a service-based or product-based business, if you've got a big mission to live and want a way to simplify and create a business with ease then Purposeful, Impactful and Profitable is for you. I break down everything you need to learn into simple steps and then we apply it in detail to your business.

Will this work for me?

You will get all the support you need in this program but there are no guarantees because there are so many factors to success and they are all depending on YOU. You need to put in the work and cultivate the mindset for success. But the group community, the alumni community and my team's support are all here for you as much as we can.

How many people are there in the program?  

This program is offered on a rolling basis, new entrepreneurs continue to join us over time but there will never be more than 5 entrepreneurs in the group at any one time . This is so we have an intimate, focused, and supportive group with plenty of time for personal coaching to get you the best results. 

When are the group coaching calls?

We meet weekly on Wednesdays at 12pm PST (GMT-8). All the calls are recorded on zoom and the replays are available for you in the group.

Are there refunds?

Sorry, no. But please jump on a free discovery call with me so we can make sure this is the right program for you. Book a call now

What if I don't have a business yet?

That's okay, through one of the modules we will work on your vision for a purposeful business that is aligned with your heart's work. 

I am have some more questions, who can I ask?

Book a call with me and I'd be happy to answer your questions. Book a call now.

Who am I?

I'm Leslie Ng and I help entrereneurs like you do good in the world by doing business in an intentional, considerate way. 

With increasing environmental issues, social needs and global issues, we need to make business more of a force for good and create a more conscious economy.

At the same time I see so many new and aspiring entrepreneurs struggling to create a business that honors those values and allows them to have a life of freedom and purpose. Purposeful, Impactful Profitable is my answer to helping people create a values-based business that allows them to have that lit up life that we all deserve. I love what I do because I love seeing my clients succeed with the big mission they have. 

So why me? I have 15+ years of business and consulting experience in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. I have worked in retail manufacturing, and consulted with small businesses and startups. Since becoming an entrepreneur of my own I have owned my own small organic pharmaceutical business and transitioned to coaching other entrepreneurs as way to make a more personal and direct impact. I have coached a number of women to build their own purpose-driven, heart-aligned business. I hold a professional engineer license and I also have my MBA.