How to Tell Your Compelling Story and Attract Your Tribe

Do you ever stumble over your words to try to explain what you’re doing or why you’re doing what you’re doing? Do you see people’s eyes glaze over as you talk?

People’s attention spans are very short these days. You’ve got a few seconds to tell a story that grabs their attention and pulls at some emotion to get them to listen up. Your story is really the most powerful thing you have to get people interested in what you are selling or doing.

Your audience does not care about

  • the ingredients in your product
  • the scientific accolades of your product
  • the processes or steps you will coach them on

What your clients care about is the transformation they will receive by working with you. They care about the benefits they’ll get out of the program/product you offer.

The best way to illustrate that for them is to tell your story. Through your story they’ll be able to resonate with where you came from, the problem and struggles you had that may be similar to theirs, and the solution you found or benefits you received that are similar to what they are looking for. If you’re a real, relatable person they’ll be able to see themselves making a similar transformation and be drawn to the solution you may be offering.

In this cluttered market there is nothing but your story, your authentic, story and personality that will distinguish you from the rest of them. It is this authenticity that I’m asking you to leverage here! Because people resonate with different people and by showing up as your most authentic self, that is the best way you have to stand out.

The other great reason to tell your story is because you do have something unique to offer. You have to realize that your experiences and lessons learned are something that someone could benefit from. So by telling your true story you will absolutely draw people in, not everyone – but the people who resonate most with you and that’s all you need.

How to tell your story so you can create an irresistible brand

Here’s the formula for creating a powerful story

  1. Talk about your background, what you do or did
  2. What didn’t you like about it, what didn’t serve you?
  3. Talk about how you found a solution, what works for you
  4. Talk about the future you have that could also be theirs, ie is it freedom, travel, time with kids etc?

Spend 2-3 minutes only and practice. Practice with people.

The first time I told my story with this formula, it was rough, I hadn’t made notes which would help. I also took more than 3 minutes so with practice I tightened up my message. But I also found that by the second time I was telling my story I got more real. I got more vulnerable and that’s what you have to do too. Peel back the layers and get to the real core of your reason and what didn’t work well before. Be specific rather than general because that is what makes your story yours.

Here’s My Story

I’m so passionate and alive with what I’m doing now but that wasn’t always the case. It took a few set backs and a couple mis-steps to really figure it out, but I know everyone is capable of this.

Throughout my life I’ve always wanted something more, craved something more and felt like I was capable of more. I bought into the work hard and you’ll succeed story. I was a dutiful student, I did what I was told, I got my engineering degree, worked in consulting and then in corporate social responsibility for a retail manufacturing company. The experience inspired me to get my MBA so I could more fully understand the business side of things, not just the environmental/sustainability side of sourcing,  manufacturing and operations and creating change.

I had a great job but while I was on maternity leave with my second child, I interviewed for a job yet again and did not get it. I realized that the Motherhood Penalty is real and it may not be intentional but it is a reality when you are not at work for a year (we get a year maternity leave in Canada) and missing opportunities to demonstrate your competence.  That was the moment I decided I could not let a corporate entity define my worth and what kind of impact I could make. I had been leading work in create change and developing leaders in service of climate change but I realized that I myself hadn’t really been stepping up as a leader and realizing my full potential. It was then that I realized I needed to let go of old paradigms that were holding me back to define for myself what I was capable of.

It took a lot of mindset work, the support of a coach and consistent personal development to create the kind of impact I want to make. I now take that experience in personal development, mindfulness and evolving leadership to help support other conscious entrepeneurs and changemakers in developing their own Personal Impact Strategy, stepping up with their full potential to contribute, serve and leave the world better than they found it.

I know if you’re struggling with creating more value in your world, doing something more, feeling capable of more, that it is all possible for you. My framework for developing your own Personal Impact Strategy can help you find your good work in this world and amplify the impact and income you have so you can feel aligned, free and powerful.