Top 6 Ways To Create A Resilient Mindset

If you’re in business for yourself you know there are ups and downs, self-doubt, little wins and some struggle, struggle, struggle. It really is a roller-coaster but there are steps you can take to cultivate a resilient mindset that will help buoy you through the tough times and keep you moving on up towards your goals.

It can be really easy to quit and wallow in self-doubt for too long when you haven’t fortified your mindset and created the practice in your personal development. So here are my top 6 ways to create a resilient mindset.

1.   Build Positive Beliefs In Your Abilities

This is my number one fav tip. I call it celebrating you. It’s about listening to your intuition to trust that voice that says you are totally CAPABLE girl! Whether it is positive affirmations or just quieting the mind to say you totally can do it, look at all that you have accomplished, you need to believe that you can and that your gifts are worth sharing.

2.   Develop A Growth Mindset

Developing a growth mindset allows you to see challenges and past mistakes as learning opportunities. It also allows you to view obstacles as opportunities. A growth mindset is about If you can face a challenge with this mindset you will know that you have control over your choices and outcomes. Then it’s a matter of practicing your problem solving skills so that you can see multiple strategies or solutions to issues.

3.  Revisit Your Why

This is your purpose, what you are striving for. Why are you in this game? If you’re feeling knocked down revisit your why. It’s the most powerful story that you can tell yourself as to why you are doing this. What is motivating you to move forward and why you can’t quit now. If your story doesn’t motivate you enough then clearly you need to go deeper into your why.

4.  Develop Your Problem Solving Skills

Developing your problem solving skills will help you to see the multiple ways you can approach your problem and help you realize all is not lost or desperate. It’ll help you see how some challenges may be similar to what you already have overcome. It’ll also help you move forward into taking action if you can map out a few ways to handle the challenge you are facing.

5.   Build a Support Network

You really aren’t alone. The most resilient people and happy people I should say, have strong relationships. It’s important to have people you can confide in, lean on, and support you when you need. While talking to someone won’t solve your problem, having relationships that you can unload your feelings or thoughts with help to take some of the burden and allow you to process things.

6.  Take Action

Finally take action. In order to fortify your resilient mindset you need to be strong internally but ultimately you need to move forward and take small steps. All the choices and actions you take today shape your future, and you can’t change the past so taking action is the only thing you can do. It’s just a matter of whether you can take what you have learned through cultivating a growth mindset, problem solving, and having conviction in your why and abilities; what course of action that you will take.

Always in support of you,