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How to Show Up on Social Media Consistently and Authentically

Do you need to establish authority, create a following, be on social media? Do you find it overwhelming figuring out what you should be doing, on what social media platform?

There’s the advice out there to post several times a day to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin or whatever platforms you are on. Who has time for all of that? and what do you post?

If you are finding it overwhelming to sort out what you should be doing both from a content standpoint as well as a location standpoint then you must read on.

I want to breakdown both the content and the schedule of how to show up on social media consistently without being spammy.

First, what should you be posting?

What to Post on Social Media

First off, get professional. You are representing your brand on social media now. That means your profile is no longer just a personal profile but one that also is a part of your business, even if you have a business page on Facebook. So clean up your profile. Make it public so others can find you and see your posts. Delete or hide from your timeline any photos or content that do not live up to your brand. Link your business page to your profile and

Create real value and relationships. 

Define your brand and post in your 5 theme areas.

Break down your brand’s 5 theme areas, what are you going to be known for. Then create topics under each theme. I’m not going to get too into how to create content in this post but this is just a starting point.

Mix up your posts between videos, live or recorded, quotes, personal photos, educational, inspirational and engagement posts.

Some of my favourite sources for pictures are:




I use Canva for photo editing and Lunapic for some easy photo editing to create images for my posts.

The key to showing up on social media consistently and be everywhere without being spammy is to offer value first and foremost, keep those sales posts to a minimum. Social media should be about building relationships first. People don’t go on social media to be sold to. They go on to be entertained or to get info. Provide either and you’ll attract a following. If you’re spammy you’ll just be repelling others since then they can just google the info they want about what you are selling, instead of enticing them to contact you to get more info.

Now for when to post on social media.

An Easy-to-Follow Social Media Schedule

I’m all about the formulas. I find it overwhelming trying to come up with content in addition to posting regularly so I want something simple that I can follow so that I don’t feel like I am on the computer or my phone all day long.

Here is my social media formula and schedule.

On a Weekly Basis:

  1. Create one solid piece of content for the week whether it’s a blog, a video or whatever. Create the graphic and freebie content (if any) associated with it.
  2. Slice and dice and repurpose that content theme across your social media channels
  3. Create and schedule in your posts for the week across your social media channels. Daily is usually the minimum.
  4. Re-pin your top 5 pins to Pinterest after UTC. That’s 5 PM Pacific and 8 PM Eastern in the USA.
    • In Pinterest-land this is the start of the day and what you pin after midnight UTC will be your pins for the day. Pinterest will show the first 5 to your followers who are looking at their Following Tab, mixed in with the first five of the other people they’re following, according to the time each pin was pinned. The other 5 pins will show up eventually, but not until they’ve seen the first 5 others have pinned in that same time frame.
  5. Engage in your 3 Facebook groups, 3 times a week for 15 minutes in each group.

Pick a day that works for you for the main piece of content creation, as well as a schedule for the other bits such as repurposing content and graphic creation so that you can keep your time contained and focused.

Of course, there has to be room for more spontaneous, unscheduled, fresh day-to-day content depending on the inspiration.

On a Daily Basis this looks roughly like:

These can be mostly automated once a week.

  1. Post to Instagram once a day (can be automated via once a week scheduling).
  2. Post to your Facebook personal profile page twice a day (can be automated via once a week scheduling).
  3. Post to your Facebook business page twice a day (can be automated via once a week scheduling).
  4. Cross-post appropriate content. Many people like to use IFTT to help with this. I have yet to use it for content specifically though I have used it for other tasks. It is a great tool for automating some cross-posting activities.

These tasks can’t be automated and are your only ‘active’ work on a daily basis.

  1. Follow-up with customers.
  2. Engage with fans and others on Instagram twice a day for 10 min.
  3. Engage with fans and others on Facebook twice a day for 10 min.
  4. Engage and answer questions/provide value in your 3 Facebook groups for 15 minutes each group. (Only need to do this 3 times a week, not daily).


If this still feels overwhelming, just start with the weekly work of creating your main piece of content and then the other little posts and scheduling it out as much as possible. Start with one channel if that’s all you can handle right now. For example, not on Pinterest? great, then forget about the weekly point #2.

Once you get more comfortable with figuring content to post and scheduling out about 15 posts per week, then you can start with automating some cross-posting, incorporating a blog, or participating in groups and providing value.

Hope this all helps! Remember baby-steps. You want to be all over social-media by being consistent but not spammy so always be providing value and creating curiosity.

If this has helped please share this or leave a comment below.