Mindset and Business Coach  for Conscious Entrepreneurs
Hey powerful woman!

I'm Leslie, a mindset and business coach for conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to scale and grow their business and create consistent income by helping you up-level your mindset, streamlining your marketing strategy, and establishing systems to reduce overwhelm and increase productivity so that you can have the freedom, income and impact that FEELS good and does good.

I help women unlock their full potential and build a meaningful business!

I am passionate about empowering you to create a purposeful, impactful, and profitable business! I am here to help you see the possibilities that are already in front of you, the power you already have inside you, and to give you the tools and strategic actions steps so that you can have the impact and life you adore.

My story may be a lot like yours...

I had always known I was capable of more, ever since I was a kid. There was this niggling feeling that I wasn't living my fullest potential - that I was capable of so much more.

Growing up, I bought into the 'work hard and you'll succeed' mantra and did just that to earn my Chemical Engineering Degree. I pursued an environmental engineering consulting career right away, but still felt that there was more inside me waiting to be discovered. So I decided it was time for a change.

I didn't want to discount the education I already had, but also wanted to explore my passion for the environment and sustainability.  I began working in corporate social responsibility and sustainability and also earned my MBA to gain more business insight for the work I was doing.

Once again, I worked hard and had a great career (one that was even having a bigger impact in the world), but I still felt hollow inside. There was still more my heart was wanting to achieve! As I continued to explore, I thought the answer might be in starting an organic skincare business. And while I learned a lot about online marketing and business, I still wasn't feeling aligned with it.

My turning point...

We all have a turning point, the point where we realize something has to change.

Mine was during my second maternity leave, I had interviewed but was passed up for a promotion yet again. And upon returning to my job and sitting at my desk feeling the same numbness, boredom and loss of potential I realized something had to change. I clearly could not keep doing this and expect the corporate entity to fill the emptiness inside me. I was wasting away my full potential, feeling like I was capable of more and expecting some external recognition.

I needed to take hold of the reins myself, so I took the bold step to launch my coaching business, unclear exactly what that would look like but knowing that there was no other option. 

Sure, staying stagnant and small would have been easier. But for me, it was scarier to not explore the potential I knew I had. I could not continue to feel like I was capable of more and sit around and do nothing. It scared me more to deny myself the fulfillment of aligning with my heart, creating a life of freedom, and having the impact I desired. I had to make the commitment to be brave, build my confidence, cultivate a success mindset, and take action!

What I didn't t know...

The biggest difference and reason people stay stuck, at any level of business, is that mindset work is FUNDAMENTAL. It's one of the biggest reasons why most people are not making the income they want to make, having the impact they want to have, or being stuck in the feelings they are stuck in.

Its the key to unlocking your full potential.

As someone who wanted to make a big impact, I was stuck on what that one key thing might be. I lived in my head instead of taking action. I had to work hard on cultivating the right mindset to move beyond the grief or anxiety, and overcome the old structures and beliefs that had kept me safe but unfulfilled. Now I can make the impact I desire and I can help you reach your full potential, creating the change you wish to see. 

Leslie's blog
And now I'm here to help you do the same!

Why I do what I do....

I know that there are conscious entrepreneurs who want to make a difference, who can feel that the world is burning, and who want to passionately build businesses that give back, or are a force for good. I also know that women are often holding back their full potential and not making the impact they want to make. I want to change that. 

If more women could own their full potential and create businesses that consider both people and the planet, the world would be a MUCH BETTER PLACE.

I've taken all my knowledge and experience, and now I help conscious entrepreneurs create consistent income and claim their full potential with a business that is purposeful, impactful, and profitable. I believe in business as a force for good. And I know if you're still reading this, you feel the same way too so let's use the power you have within you and create that better world. let's chat!

You are more powerful than you think you are

We were meant to work together if...

    • You’re an unapologetically ambitious, conscious entrepreneur and know you’re meant for so much more than continuing to feel empty and unfulfilled
    • You’re ready - so ready - to turn your gifts into a business that can make a big impact, and change lives.
    • You want to make a meaningful income doing something you are actually aligned with.
    • You CARE deeply about people and the planet. Ethical, social, environmental values are important to you and the way you do business.
    • You know you're capable of so much more and you've been wanting to break out and do your own thing - but you need the clarity and courage to get started.
    • You’re committed to creating more freedom for yourself and your family - and you’re ready to step into your fullest power and blow open ALL the limiting beliefs.