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I help conscious entrepreneurs create consistent income through mindset, simple marketing strategies and creating business systems so they can have the income and impact they want

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Hey, I'm Leslie!

I believe we are all capable of realizing our full potential and creating a life of impact and freedom. My mission is to help conscious entrepreneurs unlock their full potential so they can make the impact we need in this world, and build businesses that are rooted in social, ethical and sustainable values.  I equip ambitious, visionary women with the mindset, strategy, systems and support needed to create a values-driven business that is both impactful and profitable. >>More about me

We are living in revolutionary and transformative times.

The world is now calling us all to live in a much more sustainable way, to relate to each other in more just ways, and to reflect on the values we really care about to create more prosperity, less destruction.

I'm here to support you and hold space for the leadership and change you want to see. We'll dive into the mindset, and stories that are holding you back from the life and world you want, uncover the power you have and strategize ways you can put that in action to create a business with impact and purpose.


Unlock your potential with inner mindset work and alignment with your natural gifts


Design a business that fits you, considers people and the planet and impacts the causes you care about


Amplify all that you have created and claim more wealth, abundance and the life you desire

Is it time to see what you are fully capable of?

You desire to make an impact

You're not in business just to have a load of freedom and flexibility

You're here because you genuinely want to make a difference, you want to give back

The world is burning, it seems like every way you turn there is chaos and crisis. Climate change, biodiversity loss, poverty, inequality, loss and fear for the future.

You're here because you want to make a difference, either directly through your business or by giving back in some way.

You're here because you've always known you were capable of more.

Your ambitious heart is bursting to share your gifts, ready to do something bigger.

Wanting to serve the world and make it a better place.

You're ready to create freedom and redefine your career.

You deserve a life you adore and I’m here to tell you….

There is a way that you can live a grand, beautifully fulfilling life—while still making money that feels good to make, and making important contributions to both your career, and the world.

I believe...

• that you are powerful and you are capable of so much more than you think

• that you deserve to create the life, the world and the prosperity you desire

• that you can do this by creating a business that is a force for good

• that the best way to do this is to cultivate and nurture a powerful mindset and implement strategies in your business that consider people and the planet

• that your freedom, prosperity and full potential is available to you now, if you just take the action...

My mission is to equip ambitious, socially conscious women with the mindset, strategy,  systems and support you need to unlock your full potential and create a profitable business that makes an impact, while considering people and the planet.

We're In It Together

"Leslie is kind, encouraging and knowledgeable. Her unique approach to conscious entrepreneurship is refreshing and effective. I am so glad that I had to opportunity to have her as a coach."

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The Facebook group is an amazing opportunity for you to connect, collaborate, and give and receive support. We lift each other up and together we are changing the world. If you have a big vision to create impact and freedom then join us!