You are enough

When the world doesn't feel quite right...when your soul is telling you there is a different way...you want more for the world, and I want more for you.

We are living in revolutionary and transformative times.

The world is now calling us all to live in a much more sustainable way, to relate to each other in more just ways, and to reflect on the values we really care about to create more prosperity, less destruction.

Is it time to see what you are fully capable of?

  • You desire to make an impact
  • You grieve deeply for the world and desire whole systems change
  • The world is burning, it seems like every way you turn there is chaos and crisis. Climate change, biodiversity loss, poverty, inequality, loss and fear for the future.
  • You’re here because you’re deeply concerned and you feel a calling to make a difference
  • Being burnt out or paralyzed with anxiety is not how you want to show up
  • You are ready to learn how to be the best version of yourself so that you can play bigger and contribute fully to making the change you desire
  • You’re here because you’ve always known you were capable of more.
  • Your ambitious heart is bursting to play a bigger role, to embody your full potential.

Wanting to serve the world and make it a better place.

I’m here to support you, to transform burnout and anxiety and to grow into the leadership you desire, to change the world in a way that is kinder, more inclusive, and co-creative. Heal the stories within you and the stories we are creating with the planet. Now is the time for sovereign leadership.

Live Aligned              ❤                 Create Impact                ❤                       Amplify in Community

Hey, I'm Leslie!

The world is burning. I believe the change we need in this world starts with our own individual capacities to lean into our potential as conscious leaders. I believe that we are all capable of creating impact and shifting the system. My mission is to help conscious entrepreneurs unlock their full potential, transform inner narratives, and feel a wholeness that allows them to contribute in bigger ways to creating a better world for the collective. 

We’re In It Together

Leslie is kind, encouraging and knowledgeable. Her unique approach to conscious entrepreneurship is refreshing and effective. I am so glad that I had to opportunity to have her as a coach.”

The Facebook group is an amazing opportunity for you to connect, collaborate, and give and receive support. We lift each other up and together we are changing the world. If you have a big vision to create impact and freedom then join us!