Deep Dive Intensive

Deep Dive Intensive

This 2 hr call is used to uncover, unblock whatever is challenging you right now. Sometimes it can be strategy, and other times it is an emotional or subconscious belief.

The problems can be old emotional wounds that continue to hamper your growth. Or beliefs that you have carried around about money or self-worth or expectations that are challenging your potential.

During these intensives, we will work together in a supportive and whole-self way to uncover and clear self-sabotaging problems, deep-rooted beliefs and emotions that are causing immediate blockages. This is about working with you, dismantling the cultural narratives that you may have internalized, and disrupting and opening the possibilities for you.

We use our time to create new agency, new possibilities and to set up rituals and strategies in order to for you to become the leader you know you can be.

These sessions can cover:

Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching 2 hours of change work to dig deep into your problem and create a new way of working through clearing & activation.

Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching Releasing negative emotions and restoring joy and creativity.

Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching Reprogramming subconscious mind around the meaning of traumas and negative events

Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching  Disrupting the cultural narratives and creating new beliefs about what is possible and you desire.

Sara Daigle 1 on 1 NLP coaching  Transforming ecological grief and connecting to your possibilities, your agency and your passions.

We work deeply together to open possibilities and bring to light your potential and desires.

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Upon payment, I will reach out regardless to review our session and confirm our scheduled time.