Kind Words

"Leslie has helped me in so many ways it’s hard to know where to begin. I think the most important work I have been doing with her is breaking through all the barriers I have built up around myself that have kept me from growth. The consistent and thoughtful support she gives helps me understand where those barriers are and how I can move beyond them. This has been critical to my mindset. And at the end of the day, mindset is what gets you from point A to B and C and beyond. Not only does she have a clear and well planned path to lay out for me every week, she has tons of resources and worksheets that make the work so much easier to organize. I really can’t imagine getting to where I am now without her, and I am looking forward to where I am going not just worried about how to get there. I highly recommend her if you feel stuck, or just need that extra bit of targeted insight into your brand to take you to the next level. Let me also just say that she is persistent! But matches that with a level of patience that shows me she really wants me to succeed. Thank you so much, Leslie!"​
Alix Davidson
Rat des Champs Atelier
"I've worked with Leslie over the past 6 months and would highly recommend her services. She was very helpful in keeping me motivated and focused while launching my business. I know that because of her support and direction I was able to start my business in a more productive and efficient way. Leslie is kind, encouraging and knowledgeable. Her unique approach to conscious entrepreneurship is refreshing and effective. I am so glad that I had to opportunity to have her as a coach."​
Penelope Terry
Lifestyle Curator
"I worked with Leslie for 4 months and highly recommend her as a coach! I really connected with her as a person, especially as a mom and business owner, and found her advice and support to be very helpful in starting my business. Her processes, worksheets, and insights were all very spot on and helped me move my business forward. Thank you, Leslie!"​
Lesley Krone
Krone Marketing