How to Overcome the Content Creation Block

How to Overcome the Content Creation Block

Do you avoid creating content because the task seems so daunting and the thought of staring in frustration at your blank computer screen makes you want to hide from it?

2019 Year in Review

Nothing like starting a blog with a year end review! haha, I realized that I have been terrible with blogging but I really wanted to do an annual review because I have been reading a few and am seeing the value of recapping what I’ve accomplished (or haven’t), and also as a way of really […]

9 Ways to be a More Conscious Leader

What is a Conscious Leader?  A conscious leader takes action aligned with their values and creates space for crucial conversations. A conscious leader considers people and the planet, as well as their own well-being. The term conscious leader is being increasingly used to describe a new kind of leader but what does it really mean […]