I’ve Lost that Loving Feeling

I’ve lost that loving feeling and it’s gone, gone. woah woah woah… But somehow it’s much less romantic and much more violently heartbreaking. You see – I’ve been working in the world of climate policy in a government institutition and this week I finally hit rock bottom after months, and years of fighting the systems […]

Climate Change Work is Radical Culture Change Work

Climate change work is radical culture change work. We can’t talk about needing to live more sustainably, consuming less, driving less or converting to reneweable energy without asking people to change their behaviors and what they value. We also can’t ask people to change their behaviors and what they value without examining the current values and the culture we have. Yet we never really attempt meaningful culture change work or get beyond the small group of converted sustainable living practioners; why is that and what do we need to do instead?

9 Ways to be a More Conscious Leader

A conscious leader takes action aligned with their values and creates space for crucial conversations. A conscious leader considers people and the planet, as well as their own well-being. The term conscious leader is being increasingly used to describe a new kind of leader but what does it really mean and how do you make it more tangible?