We Don’t Talk Enough About Cultural Trauma and Why We Should

This isn’t a depressing article I promise you. And if the title makes you want to turn away then you are exactly who I am talking to. The trauma we know about are of those who have been suffering from the cultural trauma that has been happening for centuries, the oppression, racisim, abuse.

How to Turn Climate Anxiety into Action

Climate anxiety and climate grief is the feeling of sadness, loss, fear and uncertainty due to the impending environmental catastrophe caused by global warming and the unimagineable consequences of collapsing ecosystems, climate refugees and a change to life as we know it. It is no secret that we are at a critical moment in climate action, such that many governments have declared a climate emergency. However, this crisis is challenged by the significant changes that need to be taken and the current lack of action by political leaders, corporations and institutions. It’s no wonder that many people are feeling a sense of anxiety and grief.